Howdy, I'm Kira.

I believe in the power of design to solve real problems.

Currently a Senior UX Designer fixing healthcare at athenahealth in Boston. My past work experience is with a portfolio of excellent startups in Austin and New York City, in design and user experience. I also enjoy teaching ESL, making collages, casual biking and distance running.

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Flawless Hacks

Flawless Hacks is a nonprofit that hosts an annual Beyoncé-themed hackathon for women in New York City. I co-founded the 501c3-status nonprofit in 2016 with Kaitlin Gu.

In our two-year run, we have brought together more than 400 technical women for a day of keynote speakers, beginner- to advanced-level workshops and mentorship. Most exciting, almost half of Flawless Hacks attendees are at their first hackathon. Outside of the annual event, the Flawless Hacks team attends technical conferences and holds workshops about hackathon organizing.

To learn more about Flawless Hacks, visit our website or facebook page. And we'll see you there in April 2018!

UX for healthcare analytics

I currently work at athenahealth, a cloud-based healthcare tech company serving more than 100,000 medical providers and millions of patients. That means loads of clinical and financial data, which we connect up to improve our clients' practice performance and share intelligence across the network. My focus is dashboards to make that healthcare data meaningful and actionable.

Reach out if you'd like to see my full portfolio. If you have the password, enter it here.

Graphic design hustle

Outside of work, I am generally available for freelance projects. Past clients include:

More to come...

This website is currently under construction. Feel free to drop me a line using the links below.

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